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2nd Annual Northeast Ohio


October 13, 2024

1-6 pm

Forest Ambience
A group of adults and children sitting around a picnic table playing music and knitting.
A group of people sitting and standing around a table outdoors making resin art
A line drawing of a chickadee in flight
A faded paragraph of old-looking, unreadable handwriting
A bundle of a dried reddish plant and a scrap from a historical book about colors. The scrap says "82: Tile Red"
A line drawing of a ladybug painted red with watercolors
Some unreadable old-looking handwriting
A white scrap of paper held down by a paperclip with "*This is neurodiverse culture" on it

wait, what is neurodiverse culture?

The shared experiences, values, and practices of neurodivergent people.

neu • ro di • verse cul • ture (noun)

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we're so glad you asked!

The Neurodiverse Culture Festival was created to promote and celebrate neurodiverse culture by bringing people together to share their interests, their passions, and their joy!
A line drawing of flowers
A photo from the 2023 Neurodiverse Culture Festival with two people sitting at the Info Table. One person is smiling and making a "peace sign" gesture at the camera

The 2024 Neurodiverse Culture Festival is a free event for all ages, designed by and for the neurodivergent community of northeast Ohio. (Non-Disabled people are welcome, too!)

We'll celebrate neurodiverse culture with  musical performances, educational presentations, animal encounters, and so much more!

A colorful drag performer singing amidst some tables. People are wearing ear protection or covering their ears but they are smiling and enjoying the show
A line drawing of some mushrooms
A person lying on a tree branch dangling their arms and legs toward the ground

Unwind and unmask with accessibility aids and sensory-friendly spaces for a variety of needs.

Line drawing of a shell
Line drawing of a bird
Old-looking book spread open with unreadable writing on one page
Dried piece of a plant being held down by a piece of tape
Old-looking leather-bound book that says "The Observer's Book of Birds"
Line drawing of a bird
Dried piece of a plant with small round yellow flowers and a scrap of paper that says "68: Saffron yellow," held down with tape
Line drawing of a mushroom
Some unreadable old-looking handwriting
A black feather
Line drawing of a shell



with us

Line drawing of a rock, colored with watercolors. Caption reads "Figure 174(b): Find a cool rock"
Scrap of paper held down with tape

un • mask (verb)

1 to be yourself  2 to feel safe and comfortable enough to exist in a way that feels natural and authentic  to interact and connect with other neurodivergent people in our own way

Line drawing of a person in the grass petting a puppy who is looking attentively at a person not pictured. Caption reads "Figure 18: Pet a dog"
Scrap of an old-looking map


Folded-up old-looking map

Hiram House Camp

33775 Hiram Trail

 Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022

Black antique binoculars with a modern black neck strap cord

Somewhere New



Thank you for helping to make this event happen!

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